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Spray Foam Equipment Manufacturers

Some of the well-known spray foam equipment manufactures are Graco, PMC (Polyurethane Machine Corporation), Glascraft, and Titan. Others include Gusmer and Boss. Graco acquired Gusmer, in 2005, and Glascraft, in 2008. Graco now offers a new full line of air, electric, and hydraulic lines, spray foam and polyurea proportioners. Moreover, Graco has incorporated an electronic control board to control the drive systems and heaters. The electronic control boards offers trouble-shooting error codes to help contractors identify any faults that may occur in the system. It also features pressure balance control and data-recording tracking.

PMC offers a full line of spray foam and polyurea machines both air-driven and hydraulic. PMC offers an air-driven proportioner with a vertical or a horizontal pump assembly. Their spray foam and coating machines also feature relay-logic control and point-to-point wiring. PMC machines include a pressure balance control and a cycle down counter. The cycle down counter allows the contractor to control how much material is used from the drums, which prevents the starvation of material to the machine.

Titan machines have two vertical pumps that are synchronized electronically in order to maintain an even 1:1 ratio. This improves accuracy by 3 to 5 percent for increased yield and chemical performance. Its smart connect dual pump system meters the A and B components with precision. The maximum hose capability is 210 feet and features a built-in heating element in the fluid section.

Boss offers air-driven spray foam machines with a vertical style pump assembly. Boss machines feature two air-motor options: a 5-inch air-motor that is used for spray foam and allows the contractor to operate the machine up to 2000 psi and a 6-inch air-motor that can raise the pressure in excess of 3000 psi. This machine is typically used for polyurea spray foam applications. Recently, Boss has added a hydraulic-driven machine.

When choosing a spray foam machine, it is best to consult with a spray foam equipment manufacturer or distributor. The manufacturer or distributor should take into consideration the type of applications and products being used as well as the potential for a company to expand into other plural component markets.

Learn how the basic components are organized for a spray foam machine and mobile spray foam rigs.

What do Most Spray Foam Machines have in Common?

  • All require a 220 volt signal phase and/or a 220 volt 3-phase power supply.
  • All require air to the spray machine motor and/or to the supply pumps and spray gun.
  • Spray foam machines and polyurea machines have an individual A/B pre-heater block or a split A/B pre-heater block. This is to allow the spray foam insulation and polyurea products to be heated to the chemical manufacture's recommendations. Depending upon the size of the spray machine's pump, the heater size and wattage may vary.
  • All spray foam machines and polyurea machines have hose transformers. A hose transformer provides the power to the heated hose. Smaller spray foam machines can have heated hose lengths up to 210 feet, according to the size of the transformer. Larger spray foam machines can accommodate up to 410 feet of heated spray hose.

Heated Hoses:

Heated spray foam and polyurea hoses vary in length and diameter. Industry standards for spray foam insulation heated hoses are rated at 2000 psi, while polyurea heated hoses are rated at 3500 psi. Heated hoses also have an insulated jacket to help maintain heat.

Most heated hoses have either a copper coil or a sleeved mesh wrapped around the hose. Heated hoses are also sold with or without a temperature sensing wire. This wire is connected to a TSU (Temperature Sensing Unit) in the line. Heated hoses with non-temperature sensor wires can be used to extend the spray machine's existing hose length. Scuff jacketing is used as a proactive covering for heated hoses.


Pressure Gauges: All spray foam and polyurea machines have analog fluid pressure gauges. This allows the contractor to monitor the material flow for equal balance. Pressure gauges are also important for trouble-shooting the equipment.

Over Pressure Sensors: Over pressure sensors are used in case of accidental over-pressurization of the proportioner. The sensors are pre-set, from the manufacturer in order to safeguard the proportioner from becoming over-pressurized.

Over Temperature Sensors: Over temperature sensors are used in case of accidental over-heating from the set point of the controller.


A and B Pumps: All spray foam machines, including polyurea spray machines, have a vertical or horizontal pump: One pump for the A component and one pump for the B component.

Another commonality is that (when standing in front of all spray foam machines) the A component is always on the left side while the B is on the right. This arrangement also holds true for spray guns.

Other Components:

Y-Strainers: Y-strainers (A/B Pre-Filters) are used to pre-screen materials being supplied to the machine. Various filter sizes are available. Always consult the material manufacture, supplier and/or a spray foam technical consultant for recommendations.

Electrical Breakers: Electrical breakers are used to automatically interrupt the current form overloads or short circuits. Typically, breakers are used for motor, pump, A/B pre-heaters, hose heat, and control panels.

Control Panels: All operational switches are located on the control panel which allows the user to control the A/B pre-heaters, hose heat, pump, and motor functions. Cycle counters and a safety stop switch are also commonly found.

Thermocouples: Thermocouples are used for sensing of the A/B pre-heater's temperature.

Temperature sensing units: (TSU) and Fluid Temperature Sensor (FTS) are often located in line with the heated spray hose and are used to sense the temperature of the hose heat.

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