How Much Does Spray Foam Insulation Cost?

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The cost of spray foam insulation material varies among manufactures. In general, spray foam insulation materials are sold in 55-gallon drums in two components: part A and part B. This is typically referred to as "a set of foam" and is sold by the pound in different densities. Common densities are 2 and 3 pound closed cell spray foam insulation and ½ - lb open cell spray foam insulation, depending upon the chemical manufacture's or supplier's pricing, R-values, and expected product yield. R-values can range from 3.5 per 1-inch to 7 per square foot, per 1-inch. Product yields are estimated at, or slightly above, 4,000 square foot, if it is sprayed at a thickness of one inch. A set (parts A & B) of 2-lb close cell spray foam insulation can cost roughly $2,000. Actual prices vary by manufacture or location.

The following are examples to assist buyers in calculating material costs:

Example 1:

A 2-lb spray foam insulation set = $2,000.00. Take 2,000 and divide it by 4,000 square feet (sprayed at 1-inch thickness) = 50 cents per square foot/inch (raw material cost).

Example 2:

A 3-lb spray foam insulation set. The yield is 3,000 square feet, sprayed at 1-inch thickness, and an R-value of 7. 2,000 divided by 3,000 square feet, assumed sprayed at 1-inch thickness = 67 cents per square foot/inch (raw material cost).

Example 3:

A ½-lb open cell spray foam insulation: Open cell spray foam insulation yields range approximately 15,000 per square foot, sprayed at 1-inch thick. R-values vary between 3.5 to 4.8 per 1-inches. 2,000 divided by 15,000 = 13 cents per square foot/inch (raw material cost).

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*Note: Check with your material supplier for up-to-date pricing and delivery costs for your geographic location.