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Spray Foam Insider is your go-to networking place to find new and used spray foam and polyurea equipment. Get help finding the best prices on spray rigs, spray machines or proportioners, chemical material, training and all equipment associated with the spray foam and polyurea industries. See how-to videos, articles, information and news. Find an expert to help you solve a problem or get your questions answered. Call today! 330-209-9019.

Get Started in the Spray Foam or Polyurea Business Today

Find professionally-built, new turn-key spray foam rigs, trailers, box trucks, and portable spray units to fit any spray insulation contractor’s needs. These rigs are designed and built using the best spray foam equipment available. Spray foam polyurea machine manufacturers include, but are not limited to, Graco®, Glascraft, PMC, and Boss. Compare information on ready-made and custom-built spray rigs -- from equipment financing to spray foam training schools at Spray Foam Insider. Choose from any one of the spray rig distributors, suppliers or manufactures and buy with confidence.

Understanding The Spray Foam Business

Spray Foam Equipment

Spray Foam Equipment

Some of the well-known spray foam machine manufactures are Graco, PMC (Polyurethane Machine Corporation), Glascraft, and Titan. Others include Gusmer and Boss. Graco acquired Gusmer, in 2005, and Glascraft, in 2008. Graco now offers a new full line of air, electric, and hydraulic lines, spray foam and polyurea proportioners. Moreover, Graco has incorporated an electronic control board to control the dive systems and heaters.
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Mobile Spray Foam Rigs

Spray Foam Insider promotes the sale of all of the best spray foam rigs in the industry. Here, you will find the best deals on professionally-built turnkey spray foam insulation rigs, trailers, box trucks, and portable spray units to fit any spray foam insulation contractor’s needs. The rigs are designed and built using only the best spray foam equipment available. Spray foam and polyurea machine manufacturers include, but are not limited to, Graco, Glascraft, PMC, Titan and Boss. Compare information on ready-made and custom-built spray rigs, as well as equipment financing, training schools, and more at Get started in the spray foam insulation business now.

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How Much Does Spray Foam Insulation Cost?

The cost of spray foam insulation material varies among manufactures. In general, spray foam insulation materials are sold in 55-gallon drums in two parts: part (A) and part (B). This is typically referred to as “a set of foam” and is sold by the pound in different densities. Common densities are 2 and 3 pound closed cell spray foam insulation and ½ pound open cell spray foam insulation, depending upon the chemical manufacture or suppliers’ pricing, R-values, and expected product yield. R-values can range from 6.5 per 1-inch to 6.8 per square foot, per 1-inch. Product yields are estimated at, or slightly above, 4,000 square foot, if sprayed with a 1-inch thickness. A set (part A & B) of 2-lb close cell spray foam insulation can cost roughly $2,000. Actual prices vary by manufacturer.
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9 Steps for Starting and Growing a Sucessful Spray Foam Business

The spray foam business can be lucrative if you know where to start and who to go to for help. Too often, would-be entrepreneurs start their venture by calling around to purchase equipment before they have done their homework. Following this step-by-step process will save you time, money, headaches and put you on the road to life-long success.
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