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Spray foam contractors can be found through listing pages. It is not necessary to use an on-line service that charges the home-owner a fee to locate a reputable spray foam contractor.

Find local Spray foam contractors who install open and/or closed cell spray foam insulation for sealing gaps, cracks, attics, walls, roofs and crawl spaces. Spray foam insulation eliminates air-leaks that would otherwise rob a structure of its ability to reduce heating and air-conditioning costs. Spray foam insulation is well known for its high R-value There is no doubt that insulating air-tight provides the best energy efficiency. To ensure optimum air quality, however, proper ventilation is the key.

Selecting a Reputable Spray Foam Contractor

It is important for home-owners to educate themselves about spray foam insulation. Spray Foam Polyurethane Foam Alliance is a free educational resource. There are several important questions a home-owner should ask before hiring a spray foam contractor:

  1. Is the estimate free?
  2. Are there warranties?
  3. Type and duration of the warranty?
  4. What does the warranty cover?
  5. How long will it take to perform the application?
  6. How long has the company been in business?
  7. Does the company have any certifications?
  8. Can the company provide references of other satisfied customers?
  9. Is the company insured?

Spray foam contractors must have specialized training to operate their spray foam equipment properly. A crew member will periodically monitor the equipment and materials inside the mobile spray foam rig to ensure that everything is operating properly. Trained, professional spray foam contractors are prepared to handle any issues should they arise.

When having spray foam insulation applied in existing homes, consider having an energy audit performed first. This is done using a thermal camera and/or thermal gun which locates areas in the home that may be subject to air leaks. This way, home-owners can see exactly where their insulation dollars need to be spent.

Spray Foam Insulation: How Tight is too Tight?

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