Spray Foam Insider Visits SPI--Specialty Products, Inc.’s
Concrete Slab-Lifting Training Program

Concrete Slab Lifting Training Spray Foam Insider

Jerry Sargent, Owner of Slabjack Geotechnical, demonstrates concrete-slab lifting at
SPI’s training program. Concrete slabs were lifted into place with jaw-dropping precision.

Concrete Slab-Lifting is Fast-Becoming a Growing Industry

Concrete-lifting is not new; however, there is a recent surge of interest in every aspect of the industry. Spray Foam Insider visited SPI’s concrete slab-lifting training program, in St. Charles, Illinois, which was incorporated into their weeklong Advanced Applicator Equipment Training Course August 21st through August 25th, 2017. The filled-to-capacity class appealed to new comers as well as the experienced. Topics included an understanding of the current concrete slab-lifting market, the importance of diversification, and many valuable suggestions on how to take advantage of the myriad opportunities in the industry. Our take-away: While concrete-lifting may look easy on the surface, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye, and SPI can help get you through the many challenges you may face.

Concrete Slab Lifting Training Spray Foam Insider

Plexiglass demo shows how spray foam expands and lifts under a “would-be” concrete slab.

SPI’s Concrete Slab-Lifting Training Program Had Everyone’s Attention

Participants for the program came from as far away as Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Arkansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Ecuador and Peru. SPI’s training program was well organized, the venue was accommodating and the atmosphere was welcoming. The program content was highly engaging as presenters explained the concrete slab-lifting process from beginning to end, the equipment, tools of the trade, materials, and how to solve potential problems in the field. The comprehensive training program provided both classroom training and a hands-on demonstration on an actual job site. There was ample opportunity to ask questions and get valuable, expert advice from presenters Chas Weatherford, Vice President of SPI; Benji Abbott, SPI’s Education Field Director; and Jerald Sargent, Owner of Slabjack Geothechnical.

Concrete Slab Lifting Training Spray Foam Insider

Chas Weatherford, VP of SPI,
discusses the tools of the trade.

Concrete Slab Lifting Training Spray Foam Insider

Jerry Sargent, of Slabjack Geotechnical,
explains the concrete slab-lifting process.

SPI’s LPG™ Concrete-Lifting Proportioner Has a Fascinating History

Chas Weatherford tells the fascinating story behind SPI’s LPG™ (Low Pressure Gear) proportioner. “Originally, SPI worked with government officials to develop the technology for the US Military. It was initially created during the Iraq war to offer a portable piece of polyurea application equipment that the troops could transport easily in theatre. The military’s goal was to find a way to protect their Humvees during enemy attack. We gave it our all because it was all about saving lives”, explains Chas. The LPG™ proportioner was later adapted to apply polyurethane foam and polyurea. It is currently in use by the spray and pour foam, pour grade polyurea, concrete resurfacing, and concrete slab-lifting industries.

Concrete Slab Lifting Training Spray Foam Insider

Chas Weatherford (R), VP for SPI discusses the technology behind the development of the LPG™

Concrete Slab Lifting Training Spray Foam Insider

Benji Abbott, SPI’s Education Field Director, explains the operation of the LPG™ Proportioner

SPI’s Demo, on an Actual Job Site, Made the Program a Big Hit

The hands-on demonstration generated excitement among participants. The class met at an actual job site where a section of the concrete deck, surrounding a swimming pool, had sunk at an angle away from the pool. Jerry explained each step of the concrete slab-lifting process. Once the prep work was completed, Jerry lifted the concrete slabs gently and evenly into place with jaw-dropping precision. It looked deceptively easy; however, it was Jerry’s careful prep work, experience, and knowledge of the process that allowed him to lift the slabs into place without a hitch. Jerry also explained how to bid projects and potential circumstances and conditions to be mindful of.

Spray Foam Insider couldn’t help but notice how friendly the SPI staff were and how willing they were to be helpful and share information. Participants gave a thumbs-up on receiving a worthwhile experience. Special thanks to Rebekah Taylor, SPI’s Midwest Sales Manager, for making our visit seamless and memorable. Our advice to those interested in starting a concrete slab-lifting business is to get the proper training.

Concrete Slab Lifting Training Spray Foam Insider

Jerry (second left) explains the concrete-slab lifting process step-by-step, as participants look on.

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Concrete Slab Lifting Training Specialty Products, Inc.

Meet Rebekah Taylor,
SPI’s Midwest Sales Manager.
Rebekah will also become the next Polyurea Development Association-PDA President in October, 2017.

Concrete Slab Lifting Training Specialty Products, Inc.

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