Alchemy Polymers, LLC is Winning the Battle to Restore Infrastructures

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Alchemy Polymers, LLC is comprised of combat veterans when it comes to battling the elements and saving valuable infrastructures with their polyurethane resins. Contractors can even sign up for boot camp training to learn the valuable secrets of polyurethane applications from those who have literally been in the trenches. Their winning polymer injection solutions have a highly successful track record for repairing and restoring sea walls, retaining walls, tunnels, bridges, dams, concrete slabs, highways, pipelines, railways, sink holes, homes, buildings, subways and other below ground structures. They are also using their materials and application processes to seal oil wells. The possibilities are only limited by the imagination, but understanding proper application methods is the key to success.

About Alchemy Polymers, LLC

Alchemy Polymers, LLC provides the most powerful polymers that are easy to apply and provide the fastest results. Serving contractors, engineers and municipalities, they have succeeded in meeting the challenges of repairing and maintaining some of the most challenging array of infrastructures imaginable. They specialize in polyurethane resins and expanding polyurethane foam for concrete lifting, leveling and repair, soil stabilization, sealing active leaks, equipment and technical support. They also offer an impressive array of equipment, such as crack injection pumps, crack injection kits, slab lifting pumps and guns, slab lifting accessories, air-compressors and custom spray foam rigs.

Slab Lift Alchemy Polymers Spray Foam Insider

It's What You Don't See That Can Hurt You

Fighting mother nature can be a daunting task, unless you understand the environmental actions at work. Erosional processes are continuously going on underground that we are not aware of until we notice a home, building or structure shifting, sinking, breaking up and wearing away. Where ever there is water, there is erosion. In order to understand the solutions, you must understand the problems. Alchemy Polymers advises taking early prevention measures for minor problem areas before they become severe.

Andy Powell, Sales Manager and Technical Consultant for Alchemy Polymers, LLC explains, "When signs of sinking ground are observed, you can almost be sure there are voids below that are unseen and dangerous. Sometimes these voids can extend below an adjacent patio, dock, or pool deck, causing those to sink and crack. Anticipating those problems is key to keeping those problems at bay, and proper application of polyurethane injection is the solution."

Slab Lift Alchemy Polymers Spray Foam Insider

How Erosion Works

Erosion is the continuous action of surface processes that breakdown rock or soil into finer sediments that eventually wash away causing a shift or drop in the soil's substrate. This process can occur rapidly under the right conditions. Water is one of the most powerful causes of erosion because it is a universal solvent. This means that water can literally dissolve the minerals in the rock and soil, causing them to breakdown. Many of the largest cave systems in the world were carved out by the actions of flowing water. Rain, runoff and the formation of ice within the rock and soil can contribute to massive amounts of erosion. Severe weather condition, such as storms, hurricanes, and tornados are other erosion-causing forces. Many seashores exhibit spectacular examples of erosion due to the constant ebb and flow of tidal waters.

Slab Lift Alchemy Polymers Spray Foam Insider

Stopping Erosion with Polyurethane Resins

It's important to understand hydrostatic pressure, a process that contribute to infrastructure deterioration. "Our sea walls and large infrastructures are failing. Every time it rains or the irrigation system runs, and every time the tide goes out; all of the groundwater above the waterline has to vent or equalize. Tremendous pressures can build up if that water is trapped and cannot make its way into the sea or the storm water system," says Andy.

Andy recommends using an AP Fill 700, which is a lightweight resin, that can be injected along the retaining wall where settling is occurring. Using the injection resin has many benefits in that it seals leaks, fills voids and mixes with the soil to form a solid, stable, impermeable substrate that will stand up to the processes of weathering and erosion. "It's fast, clean, easy to install and effective," says Andy.

Alchemy Polymers polyurethane resins are designed by people who have worked in the field and who understand how much contractors depend upon the integrity of the materials they use. The combination quality materials and expert knowledge allows them to offer unparalleled technical support, and their direct-to-customer model provides contractors with a competitive pricing structure.

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- Jay Davidson, Editor