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Used Spray Foam Equipment and Spray Foam Rigs For Sale

Used Spray Foam Equipment and Mobile Spray Foam Rigs

Find all the best deals on used spray foam equipment for sale with Spray Foam Equipment Insider’s classifieds ads. Buy, sell, or rent used spray foam insulation equipment, mobile spray trailers, rigs and box trucks. Banks, repossession companies, equipment consolidation Companies, estates, equipment suppliers, and privately owned operators.

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When buying used spray foam equipment, you should have prior knowledge of how to safely handle spray foam materials, job site protocols, and equipment operations. See all training schools.

Tips for Buying Used Spray Foam Equipment and Mobile Spray Rigs

  1. Ask when was the equipment was last serviced.
  2. Were the spray machine and fluid hoses flushed prior to storage?
  3. Check all equipment fluids, oils, filters, including generators, air dryers, dryer filters
  4. Check all PPE fresh air supply systems, filters, pumps, and other PPE-related supplies
  5. Check all hoses and connections for signs of decay and or abrasions.
  6. Check the filters in the spray machine for signs of contaminated or crystalized
  7. Look for signs of wear to the spray gun-guns and warn parts.
  8. Make sure the spray equipment is free and clear of any debris. and compressor.
  9. Test-run the spray equipment. Inspect the product manufactured for adhesion color and uniformity.

For proper operations. See Personal Protection Equipment products.

Tips for Selling Used Spray Foam Equipment and Mobile Spray Foam Rigs:

  1. Inspect, test, and service all PPE equipment for proper operation.
  2. Make sure any material waste is cleaned up and properly disposed of.
  3. Clean any spray gun parts, keeping them in an organized fashion.
  4. Check any electrical, air, and fluid connections, and heated spray hoses for wear
  5. Check the fluids and test the generator, compressor, and air dryer system
  6. Check the A and B filters on the machine.
  7. Inspect the lube reservoir, if applicable, and inspect the piston cup area.
  8. Test the drum pumps for proper operation.
  9. Test-run the spray equipment machines for proper operations.
  10. Take plenty of detailed photos of the equipment inside and out.
  11. Make a detailed list of all items included with the equipment.

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Flushing Hoses Can Save a Lot of Money, Time, and Agony

The following video shows what happened when hoses sat unused for 5 weeks. The entire length of whip hose, spanning 10 feet, was severely clogged. Even when 2500 pounds of pressure was applied to the hose, the material glopped out as slow as molasses.

Letting spray foam equipment sit for extended periods of time can result in severely clogged hoses or worse. The longer spray foam material sits inside hoses, the more likely the hoses will have to be replaced. Whip 10-foot hoses can cost as much as $600 to $1500 depending on the pressure rating. Fifty-foot hose sections are even more costly depending upon the length of hose that needs to be replaced. Material that has been left in spray guns and machines may result in lengthy, difficult cleaning processes or end up needing replaced as well.

Remember, if you decide to purchase used equipment, be sure to ask how long the equipment has been sitting, and find out if the hoses have been properly flushed.