Switch from Closed to Open Cell Foam in Minutes!

Spray Foam Insulation Equipment

Imagine being able to switch from closed to open cell spray foam in seconds. Now that’s possible with the LPMS (Logan Purge Manifold System). The LPMS is a valving system created by Dave Penta, Director of Sales, at SprayWorks Equipment Group, in Canton, Ohio. Since SprayWork’s customers have discovered the LMPS, it has been a hot selling item.

Contractors Agreed: There had to be an Easier Way

SprayWork’s customers had expressed a need to be able switch from closed to open cell spray foam. Spray foam contractors who perform interior work, at existing residential homes, typically sprayed basement rim joist with closed cell foam. Then, they switched over to open cell foam to apply foam to the attic. Of course, there are many other situations that require making material changes. Traditionally, switching over from closed to open cell foam was time consuming, messy and produced a lot of material waste. There was also the ever-present risk of contaminating material which can be extremely costly. Contractors agreed that there had to be an easier way to accomplish this, and Dave Penta rose to the occasion to do something about it.

Benefits of the LMPS

The LMPS can be used with any spray foam rig and most all single and plural component spray equipment, such as Graco, Gusmer, Boss, PMC, Revolution, Titan and more. It has four ports for mounting it to the wall of the rig for handy use.

The following are the many benefits to the LMPS:

  • 0% chance of drum contamination
  • 0% solvent or water waste
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Eliminates Hazmat waste
  • No mess
  • Recaptures and re-use the material in the spray machine and hoses
  • The gauge measures incoming temperature from the drum
  • Installation takes only minutes

How is the LMPS Constructed?

The LMPS is constructed of durable metals. It has 2 material inlet valves, one air purge check valve, one air purge quick-connect, one temperature gauge, 3 ¾ MPT SWF fittings and 1 ¾ MPT quick mount adapter. For more information on the LMPS, contact SprayWorks Equipment Group at 330-587-4141.