Sun-Box Energy Launches a New Solar Device to Affordably Power Homes

Sun-Box Energy Spray Foam Insider

Seth Myer, CEO of Sun-Box Energy displays his solar energy device

Provo, UT August 30, 2016: Sun-Box Energy, a Utah-based solar company, intends to revolutionize the residential solar industry with the launch of its flagship product, the Sun-Box™ on July 9, 2016. The Sun-Box is a plug-and-play electric generator that runs purely on solar power and is efficient enough to power large individual home appliances and clusters of smaller appliances. Unlike the expensive photovoltaic solar arrays that traditional grid-tied solar companies sell homeowners, Sun-Box Energy has designed an electric generator that is inexpensive and modular.

About the Inventor

Sun-Box Energy CEO and founder, Seth Myer, is a proven executive in the solar industry. His 15- years of solar industry experience has given him many great insights into the needs and concerns of homeowners. "I built the Sun-Box," said Myer, "because I realized that people were not getting the solar solution that they were looking for. Buying solar to power your entire home can be very costly and limiting. I built the Sun-Box to make it easy for people to buy just the right amount of solar electricity to power the things that matter most in their homes without all the expensive overhead."

The Sun-Box to Revolutionize How Home-Owners Get Electrical Power

The Sun-Box device is lightweight and easy to self-install. A single Sun-Box can generate enough electricity to power most common devices like laptops, tablets, and LED lights, and provide multiple charges for small electronics like phones and cameras. Scaling electricity production with the Sun-Box is as easy as installing additional Sun-Boxes. James Bentley, owner of a Sun-Box system, said "started with a single Sun-Box last year, then added 3 additional boxes this year. We now have enough power to run our fridge, furnace fan, lights, and a few small appliances. In the event of an emergency we will have continuous power without reliance on the grid!" James also likes the portability of his system. He said, "The Sun-Box provides all of the functionality of a traditional solar system without being tied to the house. Because it is portable you can take it with you on short notice, on your RV to a remote site for just the weekend or an extended outing".

Advantages of the Sun-Box

A key advantage of the Sun-Box over traditional photovoltaic systems is that it is not tied to the power grid. Sun-Box owners do not need to hassle with the complicated and time-consuming permit applications of grid-tied photovoltaic systems. "One of the problems with grid-tied systems," said Myer, "is that when there is a power outage your solar panels are rendered useless. Many people don't realize that grid-tied systems fail at the same time that the power goes out everywhere. Solar should be affordable and work even in the middle of a power outage. That's why we built the Sun-Box." You will no longer be at the mercy of the utility company.

The Sun-Box™ Patent

The genesis of the Sun-Box was in 2014 when Seth started designing the first autonomous solar power system. A provisional patent for the idea was filed that same year, and was converted to a non-provisional utility patent application in 2015. The company Sun-Box Energy was started in 2016 in order to bring this technology to the market and make affordable, clean and unlimited power from the sun available to everyone who wants it.

The Coming Energy Crisis

Energy efficiency is something that is most likely on everyone's mind. Fossil fuel resources will not last forever; therefore, viable, affordable alternatives must be found soon. The costs of clean, reliable energy can only increase as fossil fuels become more scarce. People could find themselves paying unprecedented prices for electricity, and there is no telling how high prices will climb over time. Those on low and fixed incomes will suffer most. Energy-conscious individuals who start with a well-insulated and well-sealed home can reap enormous benefits by purchasing Sun-Boxes to power their home's energy needs. In addition to reducing the impact of carbon emissions on the environment, the Sun-Box has the capability of eliminating our dependence on electric companies entirely. The overall savings in energy just can't be beat. In fact, those who produce more energy than they need can often sell that extra energy to the electric companies.

Distributorships are in the Works

Sun-Box Energy is in the process of offering opportunities for distributorships of its products. Because the Sun-Box is so affordably priced, distributorships can be obtained for a nominal investment. Spray foam contractors may want to consider obtaining a distributorship for the Sun-Box, so that their energy-conscious customers can learn about the many benefits of obtaining an independent, energy efficient solar-powered system.

Those who are interested in exploring a Sun-Box distributorship can contact Seth Myer at 208-890-2000 or email

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