Successfully Marketing Your Spray Foam Company

Spray Foam Insulation Contractor

The way companies market themselves has changed over the years. More than ever before, people are using the Internet to find spray foam and polyurea contractors. Word of mouth and direct mailers to customers is pretty much a thing of the past because they do not generate the volume of potential work needed to stay competitive. Keeping up with, and surpassing, the competition means using more aggressive marketing strategies and working smarter instead of harder. While Internet advertising is definitely the way to go, it is also important to employ a variety of strategies to cover all the bases.

The following list of marketing strategies should guide you to a highly successful year:

- Building Contractors: It's vital that they know you are a resource. However, unless you meet key people in person, building contracts use the Internet to find spray foam and polyurea contractors.

- Conventional Insulation Contractors: These are a great resource for obtaining sub-contract work, but they need to know you exist.

- Direct Mailers: Can be costly. It's pretty much a thing of the past but may bring a little work.

- Email Newsletters: Email newsletters areone of the best marketing strategies. Keep a list of customer emails and send a monthly newsletter to keep customers up-dated on promotions or services your company offers.

- Social Media: Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and others is an avenue for gaining more visibility, but it is not as impactful as using a professional Website. Social media is limited in space to get your message across. People tend to turn to the Internet when they are searching for contractors.

- Expos, Conventions and Trade Shows: Can be costly butworth the effort. Attending these events keeps your finger on the pulse of what's happening in the industry and gives you an opportunity to meet key people in person.

- Local Home and Garden Shows: A great way to meet potential customers in person and gain their trust. Have professional business cards and brochures ready to hand them.

- Local Newspapers: Few people turn to newspapers as the Internet has replaced this resource.

- Craigslist and Angie's list: These resources do not specialize in the spray foam and polyurea industries. Most people turn to the Internet, typing in key words in a search engine to find local spray foam and polyurea contractors. If you do not advertise on the Internet, you are not likely to be found.

- Attending Local Contractor Supply, Tool and Material Trade Events: Many material suppliers and equipment manufacturers are willing to assist contractors in finding contract work. It's another avenue to know what's happening in the industry.

- Contractor Supply stores, such as Lowe's, Home depot and Sherwin-Williams: I's a good idea to get on their list of approved contractors.

- Company Website: Every company should have a website. This is the way most people search for contractors. Make sure your website is up-to-date and professional looking. Professional websites provide customers with a sense of trust.

- Post Your Company's Advertisement on Websites That Specialize in Spray Foam and Polyurea Advertising Websites: This is one of your best tools for securing leads. By advertising on an industry specific website, you can dramatically increase your company's visibility to potential customers. This can boost your chances of being seen by customers because the Internet search engines are more likely to pick up your company's name from two sources instead of one: Your website and your advertisement on an industry specific website. It's like having stereo instead of one speaker and gets your company known in a larger geographic area. Spray Foam Insider is an example of an industry specific website. This website has an email newsletter and also provides job leads to its advertisers. It's a very cost effective way to advertise.

The bottom line is that potential customers search the Internet to find spray foam and polyurea contractors. Having a sound, professional website is vital. Advertising your company on industry specific websites will boost your visibility. Employing some of the above strategies is also important in gaining the opportunity to meet key people in person.