Spray Foam Spray Foam Insulation Skill-Building Game
Plays Just Like the Real Thing!

Spray Foam Game Spray Foam Insider

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spray foam? Maybe you've been doing it for years but never quite like this before. It's a great conversation starter for customers, personnel, friends, and family. Let the kids try their luck to see what the spray foam industry is like or to experience a little of what mom or dad does all day at their job.

The spray foam insulation game is an interactive, one-of-a-kind skill-building tool that plays like a game. The goal is to spray the surface of a wall before time and material run out. The realistic action entails a spray gun that is aimed at the wall. You won't believe your eyes as the spray foam material actually expands, just like it would in real life. Listen and you will hear the hiss of the spray foam material coming out of the spray gun.

Get to know your competition by surfing the web to discover how many spray foam companies are in your area and what they specialize in.  For example, if there are a lot of residential spray foam companies, you might consider specializing in commercial or industrial spray foam applications. Consider how far you are willing to travel to obtain work. There are many types of markets for spray foam application, so search these out to find your niche. Know in advance where your job leads are going to come from.

To play, just press the left side of a mouse to keep the spray foam insulation material flowing through the spray gun, and do your best to make an even pattern to cover the wall. Watch out for those wall studs. You could waste valuable material, and the dry-wall installers won't be too happy about scraping them down to put up the walls. It can take a little time to develop a smooth even pattern, just as it would during a spray foam training course.

Look for more spray foam, polyurea, and coating training and learning games coming soon at sprayfoaminsider.com.