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Don't Miss Out: PMC Extends Mechanic's Training Session
Polyurethane Machine Corporation (PMC) announced today that they will be extending their Mechanics Training Sessions into 2018. They kicked off December 2017 by offering both Distributors and Contractors a two and three-day training, on-site at their 100,000 square foot Lakewood headquarters. For the Inaugural Launch of this program, PMC offered the training for FREE to all attendees. Along with the training, attendees were treated to breakfast and lunch, course materials and training from the undisputed leaders in the plural component spray equipment industry. After completion of the course, participants received a Certificate of Completion. The PMC Mechanics Training Program provides a basic orientation to the polyurethane and polyurea chemistry; and the function of the equipment and its components. Find out more about this opportunity..
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Get Your Questions Answered Through
"How Do I, With SPI" Video Series
SPI's 'How Do I, With SPI' series consists of unique 'How To' videos related to the spray foam and coatings industries. Get the information you need to operate your business more effectively and/or expand your business through these informative videos. The new video series will be released via YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets, and on SPI's website. View these videos now, on Spray Foam Insider...
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The Ins and Outs of Air Barriers 
Bone up on building science and conduct an energy audit like a pro. Now, more than ever, it's important to understand air barriers. Learn about air movement from unconditioned to conditioned spaces and the moisture that's carried with it. Read about simple ways to detect air leaks. See the check list of areas that are major contributors of air leaks.
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Surface Preparation Can Make or Break
a Successful Polyurea Application
The determinants of successful polyurea applications are material selection, proper application equipment, and surface preparation. One of the most crucial is surface preparation. This alone can determine the success or failure of most polyurea applications. Follow these important steps to achieve a successful application.
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 Used Injection Foam Trailer 
Set up by Applegate Foam
  • Perfect for re-insulating existing homes
  • Market is wide open since few companies are able to do this
  • Approximately 100 sets have been run through it
  • Includes pumps, tanks, generator, compressor, water heater, trash pump, hoses and gun
  • Very good condition
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Like New Graco GH-933 Big Rig Silicone Sprayer
  • GH-933 Hydraulic Sprayer, 310' High Pressure Hose
  • Pressure Relief Valve, XTR700 Spray Gun w/15"
  • Extension Wand, 631, 629 & 627 XHD Spray Tips
  • XHD RAC Guard Tip, Monarch 5:1 Pump
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Used 28 ft Spray Foam Gooseneck Rig
With Graco H-40 & 310' Hose
  • Insulated Generator and Spray Rooms
  • 110v Shore Power
  • Diamond Plate Aluminum Flooring
  • Wall Mount Propane Heater in Spray Room
  • Wall Mount Electric Heater
  • Work Bench & Tool Storage w/Vise​
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Used 20 ft. Bumper Hitch Spray Foam Trailer
  • Boss Spray Foam Machine 
  • 2 Boss Spray Guns
  • New Compressor
  • Generator like new
  • Used only one year
  • May need pump & hoses​
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Professional Videographer, located in the Denver/Boulder area. Currently seeking a spray foam insulation company to trade video services with. I am looking to spray foam in a 50-sq. ft. cargo trailer, and it can be relocated. In exchange, I can deliver a professional video product. Please contact as soon as possible.
Tim Brazzell
Moonlight Productions
Blythe, CA.
Tennessee Chill Box Now Offers NIOSH Approved Respirators to Work in Conjunction With Our Respirator System
Our new NIOSH approved respirators work with our respirator system, so customers can be in total compliance for those industries needing the NIOSH approval for the respirator systems. See our complete line of products and find out how to order today.
Check out their new pricing!
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PMC's PX-7 Mechanical Purge Spray Gun
Great for concrete slab-lifting
The new PX-7 spray gun has a valving rod that pulls back to clear the chamber! This spray gun was created to address the many requests PMC has received from their customers. The customers asked and PMC listened! Great for Concrete Slab Lifting
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PMC's AP-2 Spray Gun
AP-2 Air Purge Spray & Pour Gun. Get an immediate spray pattern, light weight, aluminum, coupling block, short trigger and easy disassembly. Find out more about this spray gun -- a favorite of the industry.
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PMC's Extended Reach Spray System
The Extended Reach Spray Gun lets you finish projects faster and easier. Take on new projects where traditional spray guns can’t reach 
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Find Eco-Friendly Spray Foam With Quality Performance:
Spray Foam Material: Made by Sprayers for Sprayers
The next time you order spray foam material, think Green Insulation Technologies, Inc. Their spray foam formula is eco-friendly and fits the bill for every need. It's a great selling point for your customers. Take advantage of their reasonable prices and super-friendly service! ​
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Find PMC, Graco and Glasscraft manuals for easy reference.
Courtesy of Air Equipment & Repair
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