PDA Offers More Education in 2018

Polyurea PDA Spray Foam Insider

At the annual conference of the Polyurea Development Association (PDA) in New Orleans this past October, the Board of Directors discussed the importance of expanding their educational offering to the membership and industry at large.

In addition to the group’s Applicator Spray Course, a six-day course that covers surface preparation for concrete and steel, basic and advanced application processes to ensure success, the association will also offer one to two-hour webinars beginning after the first quarter of 2018. These webinars include Introduction to Polyurea, a basic 101 course for the new applicator as well as Chemistry for the Contractor--a course reviewing polyurea basics, periodic table review, reaction basics as well as other physical properties of polyurea.

These courses will be available on a monthly basis beginning in April 2018. Fees for the courses are as follows:

Introduction to Polyurea - $50 (member) $100 (non-member)
Chemistry for the Contractor - $75 (member) $125 (non-member)

All prices are in U.S. dollars. For more information, please visit the association’s website at pda-online.org.