Mentorship Program for Start-Up Contractors

Spray Foam Insulation Training Spray Foam Insider

Nate Shenk, Senior Director of the mentorship program,
discusses single and double-ply roofing applications.

Participants who attended the April, 2016 commercial roofing expo, in Utica, Ohio, came from as far away as Alabama. Speakers presented an array of topics geared toward helping new contractors develop expertise in single and plural component water-proofing applications. Moreover, they whole-heartedly emphasized the importance of maintaining the utmost quality of workmanship.

Spray Foam Insulation Training Spray Foam Insider

Millard Yoder explains the importance of taking good
core samples and doing a thorough analysis.

Millard Yoder, owner of Seal-All Coatings Company, presented a segment on how to take proper core samples and analyze them to determine current roof conditions before bidding a roofing project. His eye-opening presentation made contractors aware of the many hidden issues that can make or break a successful project. Yoder admits that he knew nothing about roofing before he entered the mentorship program. After participating in intensive training, along with years of mentoring, he has become a highly successful roofing contractor.

Yoder advised participants that, "Integrity and high quality workmanship are the hallmarks of success. Never cut corners and always follow the manufacturer's guidelines. If you don't, you will pay a price for that later. Damaging your reputation is not worth it, and it reflects on the industry as a whole." Nate Shenk, Senior Director of the mentoring program, explained that contractors who do not treat their customers right will eventually go out of business. So, they are really no competition in the long run. He encouraged new contractors to practice, practice, practice, and learn from their experiences first-hand before they going out on their own.

The thoughtfully laid-out mentorship program includes all of the essential elements to ensure that new contractors will succeed and prosper. Participants spend a significant portion of their time working under the guidance of a seasoned professional until they are deemed ready to become independent. The program provides education, a wealth of information and opportunities for experience, resources, advice, trouble-shooting, and emphasizes the importance of teamwork in accomplishing goals.

Spray Foam Insulation Training Spray Foam Insider

Lael Miller (right), owner of Creative Warehouse Marketing and
David Miller (left), owner of Skyline Roofing in Hartselle, Alabama.
Lael shows David (no relation) options for building a website.

The mentoring network even includes a web designer, Lael Miller, owner of Creative Warehouse Marketing, in Sugarcreek, Ohio. Lael taught participants how to market themselves, how a web design works, and how to gain project leads on an on-going basis. "Understanding how to define goals, target an audience, and measure success will allow new contractors to maintain their marketing momentum, and I explain how this is accomplished," says Miller.

Spray Foam Insulation Training Spray Foam Insider

"There's nothing else we'd rather do than spray foam", says brothers
Rodney Miller (left), Anthony Miller (center), and Riley Miller (right)
who began working with their father in the spray foam business
while they were still in school.

It became evident that earlier participants of the mentorship program have become industry leaders who are here for the long haul to help guide the next generation of contractors. Third-generation spray foam applicators could be seen eagerly absorbing every word that presenters had to offer.

For more information about how to participate in the mentorship program, contact:

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