Logan Purge Manifold System Back by Popular Demand

Spray Foam Equipment Logan Purge Manifold System

Sprayworks received a flurry of calls after we posted their LPMS (Logan Purge Manifold System) that lets contractors switch from closed to open cell spray foam in minutes. Everyone wanted to know more about how it works. Be aware that this process requires two transfer pumps, one for each drum. It’s worth the investment to save a lot of time, material and mess on the job.

The following step by step guide will help clarify the process of using the LMPS to switch from closed to open cell foam:

  1. The optimal temperature to complete this process is 80 degrees
  2. Shut off the system completely
  3. Remove the spray gun from the hose
  4. Bleed the pressure off and use the yellow shut off value so that nothing goes to the machine
  5. Hook up the air-line to the port and open the air valve
  6. Open the value on the hose so that the material can run back into the material drum
  7. Once you get air, shut off the valve
  8. Go to the open cell material drum, and attach the air hose to the other transfer pump and open the air valve. There should be minimal purge waste—about a coffee cup full.
  9. Check to see that the material is flowing through properly and is ready to spray the open cell foam

This process takes about 10 minutes or less. The process can be reverse for making the switch from open to closed cell foam. If you have further questions, contact Sprayworks at (330) 587-4141