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Sam Bixler, Dave Fedor, and Steve Fromhercz:
Co-founders of Green Insulation Technologies

Sam Bixler, Dave Fedor, and Steve Fromhercz, co-founders of Green Insulation Technologies, understand what spray foam applicators encounter on the job. Their mission is to manufacture spray foam insulation that uses the maximum amount of renewable and sustainable content whose performance is equal to or superior to petroleum-based foam insulation. Having spent many years in the field before developing their castor-based spray foam material, they knew exactly the kind of product contractors would need most. Realizing how eco-conscious our society has become, they created a spray foam material that, not only meets or exceeds industry standards, but satisfies the need to reduce environmental impact. After extensive research and testing, they chose castor-based spray foam for its ease of application and eco-friendly formula.

A High-Performing Green Alternative to Traditional Spray Foam

A bio-based economy can produce renewable raw materials on a yearly basis. Using castor oil products translates to obtaining our oil above ground instead of below ground. This greatly reducing our impact on the environment and reduces our dependence on foreign oil. Fossil fuels were once plants, so it makes sense to use plants again. The difference is that oil from fossil fuels can only be used once with a finite supply. Castor oil is a sustainable resource that can be cultivated indefinitely.

Castor-Based Spray Foam has Multiple Green Benefits

Spray Foam Manufacturer Ohio Spray Foam Insider

Castor plants are highly effective at absorbing CO2 from the air thus greatly reducing the levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. The Department of Energy reports that there is virtually zero net greenhouse emissions from the production of castor oil which means a reduction in global warming or damage to the ozone layer. The oil from castor plants is a rapidly renewable resource that can be grown on marginal lands which are not competitive with food production. Castor plants do not require the use of pesticides or fungicides.

Natural oil Polyols (NOPs): The only commercially available NOP that does not require chemical modification is castor oil.

Benefits of Castor-Based Polyurethanes Over Traditional Polyurathanes:

  • Has no VOCs and does not contain urea or ozone-depleting CFC's or HFCs
  • Remains solid in place and does not settle
  • R-Value holds stable over time
  • Is a water-blown system
  • Castor-based spray foam is easy to control
  • Less waste means better yield and reduced environmental impact
  • Equal to PPG (Polypropylene glycol) or Polyether in insulation
  • Lower viscosity than traditional spray foam materials
  • Urethane produced from castor oil is more stable under high heat and humidity
  • Equal to PPG (Polypropylene Glycol) or Polyether in water
  • Zero food value for insects and rodents

Green Insulation Technologies can customize the density of their foam material to meet required specifications.

Compare Open and Closed Cell Uses and Features

Interior Applications Both Interior and Exterior Applications
Higher Economical yield
Increases Structural Integrity
Vapor Permeable
Decreases Vapor Transmission
Good Sound Barrier
For Best heat resistance insulation
R-Value = 4.6
R-Value = 6.5
Yield = 7000/1 Lb.
Yield = 4500/2Lb.
½ and 1 pound
3 pound

0.5 lb. per cubic ft. 90% Open Cell Structure 3.75 R-Value per in. Yield 15,000 to 18,000 BDF
1.0 lb. per cubic ft. 50% Closed Cell Structure 4.9 R-Value per in. Yield 7,500 to 9,000 BDF
2.0 lb. per cubic ft. 90% Closed Cell Structure 6.6 R-Value per in. Yield 4,000 to 4,500 BDF
2.7 lb. per cubic ft. Closed Cell Structure 6.6 R-Value per in. Yield 3,000 BDF


Customer Service at its Best

Sam and Dave understand how important personal service and tech support can be in making contractors successful. "We are only as successful as the contractor we serve, so their success is our success", said Dave. "Because we're a smaller company, our customers don't have to wade through a bureaucracy or large corporate administration to get to the person they need to talk to. We're always available to help, and we stand by our product," said Sam.

Contact Green Insulation Technologies

Sam and Dave advise that no matter what product you buy, always consult local state and federal requirements. Green Insulation Technologies ships throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. For more information about products and pricing, call Sam, Dave or Steve direct at 330-607-4368.