Company's Philosophy is a Winning Recipe for Success

Spray Foam Polyurea Contractor Pennsylvania

Bryan Raber, co-owner of Double R Roofing, a family-owned business, in Meadville, Pennsylvania, says that working with his family has been the most satisfying career he has ever had. "I love the spray foam business", he said. Double R Roofing specializes in commercial and industrial water-proofing utilizing spray foam and acrylic coatings. This 6-year strong business is thriving because of the company's unyielding determination to achieve customer satisfaction. "Quality work and customer satisfaction is how we generate continuous job leads. We know that happy customers will spread the word. In fact, we've gotten more work than we can handle, so we haven't had to do as much advertising", he explained.

Double R Roofing uses an all-spray-on applied product that eliminates the need for additional steps. This way, the company saves time, money, and requires fewer crew members to get the job done. This has allowed them to be more competitive in the market without skimping on quality. "We have faith in the products we use because we know they will give the customer the best quality", he said.

Bryan's advice to start-up spray foam or coating businesses is to get training before you start investing in equipment and other business expenses. Moreover, he advocates getting as many certifications as possible. This not only provides training in specific areas but gives the company the integrity it needs to build customer trust. "Buying equipment before you understand how to use it is a recipe for disaster. Starting a business has its challenges, so it's important to have the attitude that you're not going to give up. Having the support of my family, who are also my co-workers, has been highly satisfying for me", explained Bryan.